What is Referral?

In the PTC world, referral is the most important things that you need to have. More referral that you can get, more money you can earn. Referral is a person who registered to the site through of recommendation from other who have registered on that site before. That site offers a feature for their member which they can recommend the site to other person to join the site too. All you have to do is give the link that will use for candidate referral to register and when that person have signed in to the site, automatically that person became your referral.

So, why looking for many referrals is so important in PTC program? Because every earing that your referral made, you also get that earing too. In other word, your referral earn for you, double your earning. So, more referral that you can get, it will be increase your earning everyday.

Here is one of earing example of PTC site if you have refferals :
  • You do 10 clicks every day = $ 0.10
  • 20 of your referrals make 10 clicks every day = $ 2.00
  • Your daily income = $ 2.10
  • Your weekly income = $ 14.70
  • Your monthly income = $ 63.00
And what if you have more than 20 referrals? Just count it by your self...
But if seem like hard to get referral, some PTC site have feature for rent referral. So you can rent them to click for you. Usually it is only $ 0.30 each referral for one month and you can rent as much as you want (depend on ToS of the site).

So, what are you waiting for? Start you earning now...Enjoy.

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