NeoBux - Winning Contest Payment

Last month, one of NeoBux Ultimate Member from Indonesia - Deddy Irawan held a contest for Standard Members who can make the most value clicks of ads for 1 week. As a Standart Member of course I won't miss this chance. I did my best and at the end of the contest, I got 31 ads, not bad huh?? But you know what, there is other member can clicks until 50 ads.
Even I only got 31 ads, but I still won $1 from Bro Deddy as an exchange for the traffic price, Thank's bro....

Only in NeoBux you can have fun like this, not only you can earn extra money from here but also there are so many things that make me love NeoBux so much, like this kind of contest. I hope next time there are another contest again and I can be the First Winner or maybe you wanna be next, join here.

NeoBux - My First Payment

I am so excited about this. It is my first payment from NeoBux. Even is only $ 2, but it was enough to prove that there is no doubt about NeoBux. This payment sent to my Paypal just in a second, as soon as i clicked cash out button, I received an email from Paypal that NeoBux paid me $ 2 for the first time.

And I guaranteed that my next payment will be more than this.

NeoBux - The Best PTC Ever

Yes...NeoBux, I can tell you that this site is the best PTC site ever. I thinks this is the most favorite PTC site in PTC world and I have no doubt about it. NeoBux paid their member $ 0.01 ever ads they see for 39 seconds. For Standard member, NeoBux provided 4 ads everyday and for Golden member, NeoBux provided 9 ads everyday, but if you lucky you can get 8 until 12 ads everyday.

You can use Paypal or Alertpay to sent and receive your payment and it's very fast. Just in a second your payment process done, just like blinking your eyes. Wanna see the proof of my first payment from NeoBux? click here.

Like other PTC site, you can also increase your earning just by looking for direct referrals or rent referrals from NeoBux. You can rent one referral $ 0.25 for 30 days and you can extend for next 60 days with 10% discount or extend for next 90 days with 20% discount. What a great offer. Don't forget to go to the forum. The NeoBux family is so friendly and welcome, they also love to share anything about their experiences.

So, let's start your first PTC program with NeoBux and it's 100% FREE. Click here to join or click on this banner.

What is Referral?

In the PTC world, referral is the most important things that you need to have. More referral that you can get, more money you can earn. Referral is a person who registered to the site through of recommendation from other who have registered on that site before. That site offers a feature for their member which they can recommend the site to other person to join the site too. All you have to do is give the link that will use for candidate referral to register and when that person have signed in to the site, automatically that person became your referral.

So, why looking for many referrals is so important in PTC program? Because every earing that your referral made, you also get that earing too. In other word, your referral earn for you, double your earning. So, more referral that you can get, it will be increase your earning everyday.

Here is one of earing example of PTC site if you have refferals :
  • You do 10 clicks every day = $ 0.10
  • 20 of your referrals make 10 clicks every day = $ 2.00
  • Your daily income = $ 2.10
  • Your weekly income = $ 14.70
  • Your monthly income = $ 63.00
And what if you have more than 20 referrals? Just count it by your self...
But if seem like hard to get referral, some PTC site have feature for rent referral. So you can rent them to click for you. Usually it is only $ 0.30 each referral for one month and you can rent as much as you want (depend on ToS of the site).

So, what are you waiting for? Start you earning now...Enjoy.

What is Paid to Click?

One way to earn extra money from the Internet is by joining Paid to Click (PTC) site. PTC is a site that provide a place for advertiser to advertise there ads and also for free member who can earn some money from just by clicking and seeing those ads in several seconds, usually for 30 seconds. So, why we got paid just by clicking ads? It's too simple right? Yup, why not...People or the members of that site will be more interested to see the ads even though they not really need the information from that ads, but just for earn some money from it. For the advertiser, not only they can get a new customer or member but also can get traffics too.

For each ads, usually you can get $0.01 or 1 cent. One PTC site usually provide 5 - 10 ads everyday and you can not see a same ads in a same day, you need to wait until 24 hours if you want to see that again. So, you need to do this continue everyday.

To join PTC site is 100% FREE, no cost at all. All you need to have are personal computer, access to the Internet, Paypal or Alertpay account, time and be a patience person. Why should be a patience person? Yes, you have to be, because at the first time you will feel a little bit bored. It's because you do same things everyday, clicking a same ads. But it will change if you have a lot of referral to manage.

If you wants to make a big earning for this site, there are several way to do that :
  1. Join more than one PTC site that you can trust. One of the best PTC site : click here.
  2. Look for referrals. What is referrals? click here.
  3. Upgade your account. By upgrading your account you can earn twice more than being a standard member.
  4. Learn the tips and tricks from PTC forum. By using good strategy and technic probably you can earn big money from this kind of program.
So, what are you waiting for? Join now, trust me, you wont regret it. Because so many people in this world can life just by following this kind of program and they can earn $100 until $1000 even more every month. Or maybe if you have any suggestion and opinion about PTC, be free to leave a comment here.

What is Link Exchange?

Link exchange is one of way for increasing a site rank standing in the search engines, likes Google or Yahoo!.  In other word, Link exchange is making a link between two separate sites. Usually a site will offer to other sites links and accept similar requests from others. These links can be from any site that maybe have some  similar focus or can be not at all. So, more links that you made mean higher ranking by search engines and can make your site become more popular.

Other factors that further complicate link exchanges are that linking to certain sites may backfire if they are low ranking and irrelevant, that some link exchange services charge a fee, and other calculations. The search engine may even be affected by the links to a Web page when it determines its theme, possibly confusing the sites general goal or purpose as well as misunderstanding its Search Engine Optimization campaign.

For these reasons, Search Engine Marketing specialists are needed for your business. Dot Traffic can manage your entire Search Engine Marketing campaign and your exchanged links specifically for optimum results, while keeping your Website focused, relevant and popular. Contact us now for a complete SEM campaign offer, including all the optimization means and link exchange possibilities.

How to Make Alertpay Account

Same like Paypal, Alertpay also one of online bank account where we can make transaction from it. Like sending and receiving money instantly from other.
To create this account all you have to do is follow this steps :
  1. Visit this site : 
  2. Click Open an Account or SIGN UP NOW
  3. Choose your country and your account type, I suggest you to choose Personal Pro, because there are many benefit that you will get next if you choose this type of account. Then click Next.
  4. Fill all Contact Information, remember you have to fill the trust information, because it will be needed from validate your personal data next.Then click Next.
  5. After that, check your inbox in your email and click on confirmation link from Alertpay.
  6. Now you can login to your Alertpay account, on the first time you need to make a PIN for make transactions.
 Now you already have an Alertpay account. Enjoy....

How to Make Paypal Account

Paypal is likes online wallets used to conduct financial transactions online. As an online auction or for other online payments. So, by using Paypal as your online wallet, it will make you easier, saftier, and faster online transactions.

Here's how to register Paypal:
  1. Open
  2. Click Register on the right top corner.
  3. Choose your country and language then choose Personal and click Get Started.
  4. Fill your personal profile.
  5. In the end, you will be prompted to enter credit card data, but if not there, can be ignored once, by removing a check mark.
  6. Then click Agree and Create Account. 

Your Paypal account is now ready to be used, but not yet verified that is not yet proven that you are the original user. For the VISA credit card required. But if you do not have a credit card, one solution is safe mengunakkan VCC or Virtual Credit Card to verify.

Simple Way to Start Making Money from The Internet

For you who want to start making money from the Internet, here’s some simple things that you can do to start your earning:

1. From where and to where your money flow?
First you need likes online bank account where you can makes transaction from that account. Maybe you have heard about Paypal and Alertpay. Yup, you have to make those accounts. For more information about Paypal, click here and about Alertpay click here.

2. What kind of earning will you make?
There are many ways to earn money from the Internet, from just by clicking ads until play with currency. But if you still confuse where to start, I suggest you to try this one first: Paid to Click (PTC). I things this is the easies way to start your earning even it’s not much. But if you want to be success in PTC you need to be focus on it. For more information about PTC you click here. And there are many others, I will show you next.

3. Learn from others and stay focus.
When you have joined, learn about that site from others likes someone who have joined before you, picks all information from them likes tips and tricks how to run that business. And remember to stay focus because if you wish an instant big money in a second, just forget it. But when you have mastered, you can enjoy your earning flows everyday.

That’s all 3 simple steps to start making money from the Internet. It is just my opinion, so if you have another way, please be free to share with me. Because I am also still learn about this kind of earning.

Link Exchange

For you who want to exchange your link or banner with me, just put mine to your site than I also will put your link or banner here. All you needs to do is drop your message in my shoutmix or leave a comment here than I will put yours here immediately.

Copy this code to your site.

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Do you know how many visitor that visited your blog?
If you would like to know it, you can add this cool widget on your blog.
Visit and sign up. After you login, you can create your own counter as you like then put it on you site. It's very easy and fast.
Have any cool widget to share? Please leave a comment.

Add ShoutMix Widget

How to make your blog more fun where people whos came to your blog can chat with you and other visitors is by add widget for chat. One of that is ShoutMix.

To add this widget :
1. Go to this site
2. Click on Create
3. Fill all information.
4. Check the TOS agreement.
5. Click Continue.
6. Now you can login with your account.
7. On your account, click Get Code.
8. All you need to do is copy the code and put it to you blog widget by add a new widget then pick HTML/Java.
9. Save it and enjoy.
10. You also can customize your ShoutBox on your account.

Change Your Blog Template

Get bored of your blog template?

Here one of free blog template site where you can download and use it for free.
All you need to do are :
1. Go to this site
2. Download a template and unzipp.
3. Go to the Layout section in your blog (Dashboard → Layout → Edit HTML ).
4. Supports your previous template (Download full Template).
5. Find and upload your template.

Enjoy your new blog design and when you get bored again just pick another one, so you can change it anytimes you want.

First Introduce

This posting is first introduce of this site. This site contains of several stuff about Internet, Blogging, and simply learning earn money. Hope all of you can makes contributions for this site, because I am still new about this. So, i just try to share anythings I knows for all of you. And if someday, there is a mistake I made, please be free to correct it for me.

After all, it's all I can share for my First Introduce. Enjoy...
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