Conime.exe - CtDrvMgv.exe - CtDrvMfa.exe - CtDrvMfk.exe - dan CtDrvM*.exe

For you who infected by this kind of virus that make your internet connection run very slow here is several step that you can do to erase this virus :
  1. Search and rename file msvbvm60.dll at C:/Windows/System32. Just rename it to other file name but easy to remember because you need to rename it back. For example you can rename it to msvbvm60x.dll. Then restart your computer.
  2. After you restart your computer, there is an error message. It's fine because the virus need msvbvm60.dll to run.
  3. Open regedit and search keyword CtDrv then delete all key and value that cotained those keyword.
  4. Then search again keyword conime.exe, delete all key and value, remmember don't delete folder. Close regedit.
  5. Use Search and look for CtDrv*.exe and conime.exe and use Shift + Del.
  6. Rename back the msvbvm60x.dll to msvbvm60.dll like before.
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. Download and install Mallware Bytes then scan.
  9. After Mallware Bytes found the infeted file, remove it.
  10. If when you run the scanning proccess but suddenly it stop and close it's mean you need to repeat the 1st step.
Hope it can help, I'm really sorry for my bad English, but I hope you still can understand it all...If there are mistakes be free to leave a comment.
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